Pajama Publishing

A tremendous stupendous publishing company


Pajama Publishing is a children’s publishing company based on a new publishing model for a modern publishing world.  Our mission is to provide quality content in the form of original stories for children everywhere.

Pajama Publishing publishes children’s ebooks, children’s book apps, and hardcover children’s books through collaboration with both large and small companies.  Ebook sales alone have soared past the 100,000 ebook mark since the beginning of 2011.  Our ebooks have reached the number one spot for kids’ ebook with Barnes & Noble, with as many as twelve in the top 100 simultaneously. We partner with companies that agree that children’s literature will impact the future through its readers and is not just another form of media.  Pajama Publishing also maintains, a site dedicated to making original stories available at no cost to children all over the world. It is visited regularly by thousands of parents, teachers, and kids. We are currently partnered with tech, toy, and production companies as well. 

Daniel Errico is the founder of Pajama Publishing and a children’s author.  His works are published through various sites, collections, mobile apps, and best-selling ebooks as part of several multimedia collaborations for children’s literature. His traditional publications include, “The Journey of the Noble Gnarble,” and “The Journey of the Marmabill.”